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In Loving Memory of Dan Espinoza

September 1st, 2010 by in Uncategorized


We Love You Dad

Sometime on September 2, Please have a moment of silence to remember Dan. Please share with us a memory or thought by adding a comment below. Thanks.  He was a wonderful man.

20 Responses to “In Loving Memory of Dan Espinoza”

  1. Danielle Says:

    My Dad was a wonderful man, he was a great father and a wonderful grandpa. I miss him everyday!! I have so many wonderful memories of my Dad! One memory that I am sure most of you have already heard is once a week he would take either me, Vania or Heather on a date (we all had to take turns), and he did this every week!! Wwhat I would give to go on a date with my Dad just one more time!
    Another memory I would like to share with you…… When I was in the 9th grade I was having problems with a girl in school and my Dad always warned me “Danielle if you get in a fight, you will be in very big trouble” well one day at school the girl hit me out of no where so I fought back, i was sent to the principle office and both me and that girl were suspended. I was so scared i was thinking “my Dad is going to kill me, i am in so much trouble” but my Dad heard how it happened and he said “DANIELLE, I have one question” “What Dad” “Did you get a good punch in” I will never forget that!! My Dad was always so understanding and a fair man!
    I miss you Daddy so much! I love you!!!

  2. Marsha Espinoza Says:

    My wonderful husband. I was so blessed to have Dan in my life. He was always my support system. I could go to him with all my fears and concerns. He helped me in every way from computer work to house cleaning.

  3. Shazia Says:

    What an amazing person! It was always nice talking to him at birthday parties-thankyou for those memories Danielle.

  4. Larissa Says:

    He was a wonderful Grandpa and I love him very much.
    Me and my grandpa would always go on skunk hunts when I had a sleep over and we would carry our whistles.
    Me and my Grandpa would walk to ampm and get a hotdog, I would get an icee and he would get a diet coke and we would sit on our big rock and anytime we drove by ampm we would look to make sure noone was sitting on our rock.

  5. Monica Says:

    My big brother and friend. Such a special person. Irreplaceable. He left a wonderful wife and family behind. Too many memories to single out just one. God made a special man. See you later, Dan…..I love you

  6. Faith Dighero Says:

    I think my favorite memories of Dan were all the birthday parties and family dinners that he included us in. Our girls were all in youth group together and were friends, so the Espinoza’s would always include us in their parties and dinners. It was the fellowship with the Espinoza family, that I will always treasure. Also how much he loved the girls in his life. I remember the girls were having a fund raiser for the youth group and Dan (being the good sport that he was) volunteered to let them raffle of tickets for the chance to throw a pie in his face. He is missed here on earth, but I am sure he is keeping a smile on God’s face.

  7. Dan Robinson Says:

    Dan was my closest friend in college. His heart was tender and very giving. Just a gentle person with a big heart…My prayers are with your family at this time… May the memories endure….

  8. Veronica Says:

    I had just started high school when, for whatever reason, my mother couldn’t pick me up after school one day. She ended up making arrangements for Uncle Danny to pick me up and I thought it was hilarious when he told me that he was going to pick me up in his police car and make me sit in the back. He offered to put handcuffs on me as well. While the idea at first struck me as funny, as I waited after school for him, I began to worry that he WOULD indeed pick me up in the mentioned manner–being a high school freshman (and a nerdy one at that), being driven away in the back of a cop car might have caused some misunderstandings. Fortunately he didn’t show up that way. Uncle Dan always had a smile, always a joke, always a good attitude. His character is evident by the immense love his children, grandchildren and wife have for him. Love you Uncle Danny.

  9. Linda Says:

    Dan was great man and a great Christian. He spread the good news of Jesus everywhere he went. No inconvenience was too much if he could share the gospel. As he suffered through his disease he was careful to encourage his family in the ways of the Lord. As he grew more ill, they grew closer and came to have a new love for the things of Christ. To Dan, that was all that was important. If he had to give his life so that his family could grow, it was a small price to him. Although I know he is missed, the promise of a reunion must be a great comfort.

  10. Robert Says:

    He was always the first one to lend a helping hand. Whenever he heard of a project that needed to be done, He always offered to help out. He came over one Saturday and helped me paint Larissa’s room. I always wondered where he got the energy to do so much because I was tired that day but he wasn’t. I’ve thought about it a lot and realized he ran on Love, His energy came from the Love he had for us. We’re lucky to have experienced his Love.

  11. Tony Says:

    His Smiles, His Hugs, His Hand Shakes, His Tickles, His Teasing, His Laughter, His Prayer and especially His Friendship were just a Part of GOD’s creation for His loving and committed Life with Marsha. The remaining Parts, Danielle, Heather and Vania, will be forever placed in your lifelong Family Journals. May Grandpa Dan’s Light always Bless you with Happiness and His Memories Glorify our Life……..
    Love you Lieutenant Dan… see You round the bend, my Huckleberry Friend.

    P.S. I think I’ll get some hot dogs tomorrow at AmPm – one for Larissa and the rest for Carlos, Marques, Jonah, J.T., Jordan……….and Lukie.

  12. ken gaston Says:

    As the day progresses I’m sure there will be other thoughts that I would want to mention, but this is the 3am thought I want to share. I’m thinking of Pastor Dan the ‘empowerer’. With me, he empowered me to step up and be a worship leader. His words and actions gave me the ability to move to a higher level in Christ. The result was I moved with a confidence that caused me to go to GOD boldly expecting the Holy Spirit to join our services.
    In the same way, Pastor empowered me to be a co-leader of the Youth group. He asked Marti and I to give a one year committment and many wonderful experiences followed. I have never been apart of a youth group as wonderful as B.U.M.S.
    Thank you GOD for bringing the Espinoza family into my life.

  13. Vania Says:

    There are so many memories I have of my Dad……When I was growing up we butted heads ALL THE TIME but he was always there for me anytime had a problem. One thing you did not do was mess with his girls! He would be first to stand up for his girls no matter what.
    He was always the joker…I remember when Joey & I just started seeing each other & Joey & his friends were in our Basement making it into a club house/skate room hangout thing…well my Dad told my Mom his famous “WATCH THIS” line and then went into the room that was right on top of the basement & jumped up & down really hard. Those boys came up those basement stairs in one single step. They thought the house was coming down on them. My Dad laughed so hard. He had the best & most genuine laugh.
    I can only imagine the laughs he is having right now with his Dad, Brother and good friend Rick Hooker, I can almost hear him saying “JESUS -WATCH THIS”

  14. Marsha Espinoza Says:

    Dear Dan,

    I miss you so much. I think of you all the time. So many times I have thought I got to call Dan and tell him about this or that. When anything goes wrong the girls always say I wish I could talk to Dad, he would know what to do.

    The grandkids are wonderful. They all miss you so much.
    Jt. is in High School now and on the football team. He is doing so good. You would be so proud of him. He is the only kicker the team has and plays offense and defense.
    Jordan is such a little man. He is doing great in school and acting. He is really a sweetheart.
    Our Larissa is such a young lady but still her grandma’s girl. She is such a Diva anymore, just like her mom.
    Carlos started Kindergarten this year. He is such a sweetie. Still talks about your red truck.
    Marquez is such a beautiful boy. It kills me to think he will won’t know his wonderful grandpa.
    Jonah is such a sweet one. He misses you so much. He has had such a hard time. He sends you balloons all the time.
    Honey, I love you so much. You were always my help in anything and everything.
    I had to buy gas today. I Miss you so much.
    I love you my baby and I know I will see you again and I am so thankful for that.

  15. Marilyn Says:

    One of my memories of Dan is: One day of coming home from school, I found Dan and Monica scrubbing wax off the kitchen ceiling from an aborted science experiment of melting candles (what they were doing is still beyond my comprehension!). Well, the cleanup was so great that Dan said: “If you don’t help us clean this up we are going to say that you did it!)
    Still love you Dan – Love Marilyn

  16. Juanita Says:

    There are so many memories of Dan that i well never forget, Dan i am so glad that i got to be part of your Family you are always going to be in my heart love you always.

  17. Larry C. Says:

    So what fond memories do I have of Danny? One thing that stands out most in my mind is how accepting he was. I think back to when I first met the Espinoza family and how Danny was so welcoming. From the first time we met, he made me feel like part of the family. I also recall the great times we had going out to get Chinese food. Dan seemed to always know of places that I would never try on my own. He was the kind of person that if you said let’s do something or go somewhere, you had better be ready, because he would be calling and ready to go. With Marilyn’s and my anniversary coming up shortly, it is hard not to think of Pastor Dan marrying us so many years ago.
    …Dan we all miss you and have wonderful memories and thoughts of you always.
    Love ya bud!

  18. Jay Priebe Says:

    Pastor Dan will forever be apart of my life. As a young and angry 10 year old with a new Foster parent, the Espinoza family welcomed me into their lives. Dan encouraged me to use my talent of song to grow closer to god. Dan was a man who lived his life to give to others no matter the time of day or in some instances the costs. As I became a young man Dan continued to be a major part of my life. During times that my dad and I were close to choking each other he would come and get me and take me to his house. He never questioned what happened, nor did he scold me for my behavior ( he should have), but more important Dan showered me with love and respect. He instilled in me values of love, respect and humbleness. As I look back on my childhood and the success I have in my career, family, children and marriage I am honored to say Dan contributed incredibly to my success. I am forever honored to say he gave me essential life skills and loved me unconditionally. I have so many memories of times with Dan from ages 10 to now 18, I could write a book. I remember distributing food at the church to the homeless every week, our annual fourth of July picnics, and barbecues at his house. I remember times he would come quickly to my house after I called him telling him I needed help with my grandma after a stroke. Dan picked her up and carried her to the car and rushed to Kaiser. Dan loved my Grandma so much and gave to her unconditionally. His acts of kindness, selflessness, love for god influenced me more than I can describe. Lastly I learned a valuable skill from him in regards to loving my wife, how to be a husband, and the eternal bond and commitment marriage carries. He taught me through his continued actions how to love and honor a spouse as I watched him do daily with Marsha. I watched him honor and love his children and his sacrifice to give them what they needed. Dan didn’t have to love me, but he did! He loved me and allowed me to be forever apart of his heart. I hope now my success in life after so much adversity has made him proud. Two months after Dan passed, my Grandma passed and went to be with the lord. I can only imagine the conversations they are having and the joy they have as they watch all the peoples lives they touched continue to blossom. Dan, I love you very much, I thank you for your contribution and the impact you made on my life. Loosing you and my Grandma in the same year has allowed me time to reflect and honor you even more. Even to the last day you remained loving and concerned more for others than your own pain. The last lesson to all of us… Your passing was like many in the bible, honorable and peaceful, but confident of your destination. Dan I love and miss you!

  19. Yanira Sosa Says:

    Dan was the kind of men that touched so many people in so many different ways. I remember when he interviewed me, from the beginning he made me feel like I was part of his family. I’m glad I got to share an office with him. Thursdays were special to him, he had a date with his wife. He was the glue of our department, he always had an answer to all the problems, he was creative and genuinely cared about the staff and the clients. When his dad past away he invited me to the service, beautiful service, and I remember being so moved by the testimony of family and friends. When we returned to work I remember telling Dan “I wish I would of known your dad, he sounded like a great man, I bet it was fun to be around him”. Now I look back, and I’m so thankful I got to know Dan. He was a great man, fun, caring, he loved his family and he loved Jesus with all his heart. I miss you Dan!

    Let the angels work, stop telling jokes!

  20. Darlene Phillips Says:

    Dan was a beautiful Dad, Hubby and Grandpa! I’m glad I had the chance to know him. He was a constant in everyone lives. I knew that every BDay party, Football BBQ or fun gathering at Huero’s & Vania I would see the him there. He was warm & friendly to me even when he barely new me. I remember his smile was bright and his personality was kind. I never heard a mean or unkind word spoken from him. I feel like I still see him through his children and grandchildren and consider them all blessed to have had such a wonderful person in their lives. Thinking of all of you this weekend and praying you are all surrounded with love and wonderful memories tucked away in your heart that can never be erased. Much love sent your way.XO

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